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  • The “Safety First’ Crypto Investor - How to protect your money from downside risk. 3 simple strategies.
  • Coin-Spotting Checklist - Our top 5 criteria we look before buying any coin.
  • How to safe-guard you’re your crypto wealth – So it’s safer from hackers and other online predators

Mitch Sanders – Tech Entrepreneur, Crypto Guru and Financially Free Investor

Mitch Sanders has a background as a tech entrepreneur, having sold his first tech-business for a 7-figure payday achieving financial freedom in his 20’s. He’s also invested big time in property - and built a $4 million portfolio.

However, as a tech guy the ‘crypto bug’ bit him early on - because he saw the profound implications for financial privacy, and freedom that it offered. So, he was an early adopter of Bitcoin – when many of today’s so called ‘experts’ had never heard of it.

And, he’s been a long-term investor in bitcoin and many other top-ranking crypto currencies that have enjoyed stratospheric gains.

Now Mitch is a passionate ‘Crypto-Preneur’ – as he’s involved with setting up a various Cryptocurrency projects in Sydney to help and support the ever growing Cryptocurrency industry. He’s also the publisher of an underground crypto newsletter which is on the ‘must read’ list for many of the top investors in this space.