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How to get a healthy income from Airbnb properties - you don't even own

Plus, How to make a healthy income selling on Amazon – without ever going to the post office….

Discover all this and more in just one day.


Air-Cashflow Your Way to Passive Income with Airbnb.

"How to make a healthy passive income each week from Airbnb properties… you don’t even own”

What if you could make a consistent monthly income from real estate… Without getting a bank loan and without a 10% deposit?

That’s what you’re going to discover how to do at this fast-paced Masterclass about how to make up to 2 x more cashflow from Airbnb.

A Queensland couple use this strategy to make a yearly six figure income – from Airbnb properties they don’t even own.

And, now she wants to show you the secrets too. Because with over 150 million Airbnb users around the world – and growing fast - there’s a world of opportunity for you too.

Hot Deals Making Monthly Cashflow Now

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $2,560 / average per month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $2,333 / average per month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $2,357 / average per month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $2,215 / average per month

Nicole will show you:

How to find the right sort of properties to rent on Airbnb. Simple checklist makes it easy to find the winners. NOTE: You may already have rental properties you can put onto Airbnb now and get triple the rent!

How to get landlords to say ‘YES’ to you putting their property on Airbnb for you to make money. This is what Nicole says to get 8 out of 10 to agree.

Suburbs to target for best rental cashflow and occupancy rates

Hot tips for 80%+ occupancy rates… So you can maximise your cashflow each and every month.

How to automate your Airbnb business so you can manage it in in as little as 90 minutes per day. ‘This truly is the ideal lifestyle business’ says Nicole.

You’ll love this presentation because you’ll see how to generate a ‘spare time income’ from real estate you don’t even own.


How to Create Your Own "Amazing Selling Machine" on Amazon

See how you could make a healthy income selling products on Amazon - even if you have idea what to sell yet. Without ever touching a single product - or even going to the post - office.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos over 140,000 people, from all walks of life, are making over $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon.

This amazing success rate is possible because Amazon make it so easy for you.

Firstly… they let you sell your product to their 100s of millions of loyal buyers in Australia and around the world.

Secondly… they also store, pack and ship your products to your customers for you.

This means you can run your Amazon business in as little as 30-60 minutes per-day, once it’s up and going. How great is that?

Now, maybe you’d like to earn some extra income on Amazon… or even build an e-Commerce empire - but you have no idea of what product you would sell? If so, good news.

At this Conference you’ll discover Amazon ‘Super Seller” Sophie Howard’s system for finding the hottest products to sell - on the world’s largest e-Commerce platform.

You'll discover:

How to find 'Blue-sky' Products. Hot selling
products with high profit margins and very little

How to find trusted suppliers in China or India -
and source your products cheaply.
Plus the
common mistakes to avoid.

How to potentially turn an Amazon business
into a big 'pay-day'.
For example, Sophie sold
one of her amazon accounts for 7 figures (USD) to
a private investor. The best part? This account
took her just 18 months to build.

What sort of income you could potentially make
and how much time you need to each
week to be successful.

And much more

This presentation will be hosted by one of Sophie's lead trainers in Australia, Amazon Business Expert Mia Munro.

You'll love this session, because you'll see exactly how to get started with this Amazon side-hustle the right way.

This event is like a ‘multi-vitamin’ for your bank account, because you’ll discover the 2 Best Passive Income Strategies of 2019 ... all in just 1 day


How to get a healthy income from Airbnb - with properties you don’t even own


How to make a healthy income selling on Amazon – without ever going to the post office

The best part is you can run all of these ‘future age’ businesses from your smartphone. So don’t miss out. Claim your free ticket now.

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