Is a big Australia a big problem?

I don’t get too political with my emails to you… I decided a long time ago that regardless of what political parties are in power, I would become a proactive observer and attempt to profit from either their stupidity or brilliance.

…but this discussion about slowing population growth is rubbish!

If either Gillard or Abbott want to slow how many people come in to this country, here’s what they have to do.

…put the brakes on the economy. They both know that – surely…

That’s right, they have to kill the goose that makes them look good.

So, it’s pretty easy to work out that that aint going to happen.

We will have probably more than 36 million people living in Australia in 20 years time. Currently, we’re at 22.4 million.

The reason why we’re getting so many people flocking to our shores is because we’re going through economic boom conditions. We need people to come here who are willing to work and are skilled.

Sure, we can get some of the Aussie’s to do it, but with full employment and a lot of lazy people on the dole, where are those folks going to come from?

Dick Smith said our solution to skilled migration problems is kicking some of those lazy dole bludgers in the backside… Dick estimates 4 million people who are called “functionally illiterate” can be trained to take on the skill shortage front.

Do you think that will happen? Did you even know there was a group of people in this country who are “functionally illiterate?”

Anyway, we haven’t always experienced massive migration. We fell away to virtually zero migration during the 1890’s, 1930’s, mid 1970’s and early 1990’s.

Do you want to have a stab in the dark as to why?

Pretty easy, aye?

All of those periods were tough financially. Most were recessions.

But again, the media hypes everything up and get’s us all worked up when we see the illegal immigrants on frail boats entering our country and branding them as queue-jumpers.

Do you want to know how many of those there are?

3,500 annually.

Nothing really.

We’ve got 42,000 people who arrive in luxury using Airbusses from all over the world who overstay their welcome of 3 months and settle here for at least a year.

…many of whom find their way to permanent residency.

So my friends, growth is going to happen and that will lead to strong financial opportunities if you just stopped listening to noise and started thinking about what’s really going on.

I’m not just talking about opportunities in real estate, they should be obvious to you. We’re struggling to cope with the influx and way behind on supply.

Don’t think anything is going to change in the next 10 years… Good times ahead.

The stock market and equity markets will continue to prosper as well.

New businesses that know how to identify hungry markets and not follow the traditional path of heavy capital intensive infrastructure setups will also make big bucks out of our expanding population.

Whilst the retail figures were flat recently, the labour force figures that came out last week showed that employment growth is now running at more than 3% a year, which means 340,000 new jobs were created in the last 12 months.

What does that mean?

People aren’t spending… They’re saving.

This is a world-wide phenomenon, not only is it happening in Australia but it’s happening in greater percentage increases in places like the US and Europe.

When the confidence really comes back and folks start putting their hands in their pockets and spending, we will see another massive surge in all markets.

Some of you may agree with this… Some of you may not.

I read lots of contrarian views that say the complete opposite. Some of these guys have been talking down the property boom for 3-5 years now. Whilst others have simply made hundreds, maybe even millions of dollars in the meantime.

I’m one of those. I hope you are too.

The immigration at the moment is just a political smokescreen. Neither party will be in power long enough to be able to make dent – and in any case, it would be political and economic suicide if they were even serious about it.

If you’ve read this far, you probably have a view. You can respond and jump on your soapbox below. Go there and have your say…

Have a great weekend.

Signed with Success,

Jon Giaan
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  • Human&Proud

    To THE OBSERVERS above. Stop pretending you’re aliens! Do you realise how ridiculous you sound?? You would think aliens may actually be able to spell. And when we’re still alive and kicking in 2013 please disappear forever with your false predictions you friggin idiots!

  • Sam

    I don’t have a problem with migration and imigrants to come to Australia. We as Australians are sending our troops in support of an American/ Israli agenda and it is unfortunate that Australia is under the British Rule where even our Australian Government can not have a say on whether our troops will remain in Afghanistan or Pakistan.
    Not to digress too much, the point i’m making is that we go over there and destroy houses and crush economies so we can later steal their resources for free, so therefore you have this high immagration from these countries that are seeking support and help so they come to us. What do we do? you think about it, over 75% of the Australian people are immigrants.
    We can not have a say in any of this for it is political and is outside our control and comprehension. We believe what we see on TV because we have someone charasmatic standing in front of the camera getting told what to say or reading off a script that is put together by people in power to manipulate our way of thinking and our perception on life.
    We as people need to rise by first to say no to these electronic devices which are making us look zombies, where we sleepwalk to work, to church, to the tax man and finally to vote.
    We need to read and open our mind to various type of topics, we need to criticize our thoughts and ideas, we need to probe and never settle with second best. I’m sure over 60% of the Australian Citizen and I’m ashamed to say do not understand politics and these 60% vote purely on what the media says to do. we need to minize this percentage so later our kids can benefit from it.
    We are getting lied to day after day where what once called a lie now became a norm so we left with this quote: at times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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