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Yes Jason,

I'm excited by the chance to follow in your footsteps and use your system to start doing my own profitable deals.

I'm ready to get started right now to learn your system, and on that basis I understand this is what I am getting access to today:

Here is what you will get!

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    3-Day Live Training Event Get into the live environment, learn the skills, ask questions, meet like minded people and prepare your business plan for property development success. 
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    Get into the live environment, learn the skills, ask questions, meet like minded people and prepare your business plan for property development success. 
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    Plus get the workbook for the day so you can take notes and not miss a thing
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    And, get the property development blueprint manual
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    Bonus #1 - Creative Strategies Training
    Master the power of no-money-down-deals by using these creative strategies to fund your deals 
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    Bonus #2 - JV Secrets Training
    Our JV attraction system for finding fantastic JV money partners who will work with you again and again. 
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    Bonus #3 - Online Learning Portal
    Learn on the go with our detailed online learning portal containing the entire program for your convenience
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    Bonus #4 - Checklists, Templates and Sample Documents Vault
    All of our documents, templates and checklists to look professional right from the get-go and never miss a step
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    Bonus #5 - Development 3min Feaso and other calculators and spreadsheets
    Work out which deals are winners and which are fizzers in under 3 minutes, plus quickly work out the maximum you can do with any block of land with out spreadsheets and calculators
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    Bonus #6 - Property Development Members Only Mastermind Facebook  Community
    Chat and learn from other likeminded people who are already doing deals using our system in our online mastermind community
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    Bonus #7 - Case Studies and Interviews with Industry Experts
    Take your understanding of the systems to expert level with these case studies and interviews with state specific town-planners and industry experts
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    Bonus #8 - Monthly training and  Coaching webinars
    Jump on our monthly webinar training calls to learn more, ask questions, share your deals, problems and solutions to keep you in the   flow
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    Bonus #9 - Industry Group Discounts
    Exclusive discounts and special deals just for members of this program


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    Creative strategies training –Value $2995.
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    JV secrets training – Value $2995.
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    Online learning portal (12 months access) – Value $2999.
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    Checklist, Templates and Sample Documents Vault – Value $995.
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    Developers 3 min feaso and calculators / spreadsheets – Value $995.
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    Facebook, members only Property Development System Mastermind group – Value $795.
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    Interviews and case studies with industry experts – Value $1995.
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    Fortnightly training and coaching webinars – Value $1995.
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    Industry Group discounts register – Value $995

Total value of the program and all the bonuses = $23,736 + upfront Pay Bonus =  $28,739


Get started right now just $499 deposit

and then $499 x 13 monthly payments

(Total $ 6986)


Save $1991  right now

by making a single

one-time investment of just $4995

Paid in full bonuses:

•Bonus #1: Bring a partner to the 3-day Live training for FREE (Value $2995)

•Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to the Online Members Area and Private Facebook Mastermind Community (Value – $4995)

30-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

You risk nothing – check out our complete property development system for 30 days and if you’re not completely delighted and jumping with joy with the newly found money making possibilities, you’re covered by our “You Don’t take Any Of the Risk – We Do” 30 day money back guarantee

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