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Husband and Wife Team Stumble Upon a Formula to Accelerate Their Wealth Fast

How We Turned a Measly Deposit (just $14k) into a Massive Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in Just 8 Years, and the best part: We Used Very Little of our Own Money.

It must be frustrating…

You look at the property market for then last 40 odd years and property prices have resoundingly gone up. It doesn’t seem to matter if your property is in Sydney’s Northern beaches or “out the back of Bourke” prices have increased over that time – in most cases massively.

Real Housing Price Index

Think about your own place… how much more is it worth than even 10 years ago? I’m guessing it’s a pretty big change right? When you look at the charts it seems like a blind man with a broken cane could have stumbled headlong into money in this property market.

Yet… According to the Australian Bureau of statistics only 4% of Australians own investment properties… and of that 4% less than 1% have more than 6 properties. That’s a massive fail.

Why is having 6 or more properties so important? (Especially if you want to retire early on passive income…)

Because the way the numbers work out, a minimum of 6 properties seems to be what most people would need to be able to retire… and live a normal life on the income that portfolio produces… and the vast majority are nowhere near that!

But what if I told you that we stumbled upon one strategy that allowed us to make money:

  • On the way into a deal,
  • On the way of out a deal,
  • And even allowed us to keep cashflow from the deal whether we sold it or not.

Do you think that would help you make more in the real estate market? It would right?

…What if I told you that this One Real Estate Strategy has allowed us to Buy Property at Wholesale Prices with as much as a 20% Discount, so we could make Instant Equity from the deal?

Why is this important? Let me explain…

When you can make money on the way into the deal (or buy at wholesale prices) a few things happen…

  • 1

    It would mean you could potentially enter into a deal with no money. That’s massive if you’re just starting out, or don’t have a lot of money to start with.

  • 2

    You could get your money out of a deal sooner allowing you to go into the next deal faster and turn over your money faster – this equals much more profit at the end of the year.

  • 3

    It would give you the potential to generate positive cash flow. This is the main stumbling block for most investors and the reason why most fail… because they never get this issue solved.

  • 4

    You could attract ‘money-partners’ who will happily fund your deals for a small cut of the profits – so you don’t even need a huge bankroll to do this!

  • 5

    You could leverage this to make $200,000, $350,000, $500,000 per deal as a cash windfall each time you use this strategy

  • 6

    You could do more than one of these deals a year and still be working part time giving you massive time and money freedom to live

Jason & Amy Byron

Pretty sweet hey?

Now I know what you’re thinking – Why aren’t other people using this strategy?

Truth is, this strategy is being used all the time to create wealth… In fact over 60% of the BRW rich 200 use this same strategy to help build their wealth. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just for the “Big Boys”. Anyone can do this – we’ve proven it.

This is exactly what we have been doing in the last 8 years. But let’s go back just for a second…

We started like everybody else – making the same mistakes…

All we could scrape together was a measly $14k for a deposit and all we could afford was a crappy house 7 hours from where we lived. We literally had to drive 7 hours on a Friday night after work, renovate all weekend, and drive back Sunday Arvo to be ready for work again Monday morning.

Then I unexpectedly ended up in hospital with a broken leg. Not only did it hurt, but it hurt my business. You see, I was a camera man and I was told I wasn’t to walk on it for 3 months. Basically I couldn’t work.

It was devastating and I knew I had to change the way I made money so I was never putting us in financial strife like that again.

That’s when we discovered this one strategy that changed everything

To give you an idea of what I mean: In the last 8 years, using this strategy, we’ve completed over $28,000,000.00 worth of deals and built a multi-million dollar cash flow positive portfolio in the process.

Here’s the thing that still amazes me every day: We achieved all of this using very little of our own money.

Right now, we currently have over $23,000,000.00 worth of deals in the pipeline right now in various stages of completion and most of it is using other people’s money.

They provide the money and we just work the system we’ve created to generate profit. It still blows me away how simple this can be when you’ve got the right system in place.

Here’s the kind of deals you could be doing if you master this strategy:

Deal 1
Profit Over $300k
Deal 2
Profit Over $400k
Deal 3
Profit Over $550k
Deal 4
Profit Over $1m

These are just SOME of the deals we’ve done. There are many others. Ok so what’s the strategy? It’s property developing… but done in a special way… Now, the typical reaction I get when I say that is “Oh property developing… that’s risky isn’t it?”

Well, I know what you mean… That’s what I first thought too. But I was wrong.

Here’s the thing…

What I discovered was that if you have the right system you can:

  • Mitigate the risk by buying below market
  • Postpone the point where you have to come up with any money and even…
  • Lock in profits before you’ve even signed the contract on the land!

You can also:

  • Structure the deal so that buyers get government grants to buy your properties (you can’t even imagine how attractive this makes your properties)
  • Know how much profit/equity you can expect from each deal upfront (with a healthy buffer for unforeseen issues built in to cover yourself)

All up, the right system will make this the single most streamlined, hands free, repeatable way of making money in real estate there is and gives you a huge advantage over investment strategies.

Let me repeat that… it’s streamlined, hands free, repeatable and that opens the door to amazing opportunities… and it opens the door to having joint venture partners begging to give you the money to do your next deal so you don’t have to use any of your own money.

This really is the secret sauce to our success

It’s an amazing system – but it’s not rocket surgery – anyone can learn this.

So we’ve decided to pull back the curtain of secrecy and share the strategies, systems, processes and tools we’ve developed to streamline this incredible cash generating machine.

We’d like to personally invite you to a special evening training event where you will discover:

And Much More

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