Take Your Life To The


This 12 month educational and experiential journey will take you into the inner workings of our multi-million dollar property development business. You will get to see, document and model every single stage of our process, systems and strategies. The exact steps we use every day for rolling out profitable deal after profitable deal.

One On One


As an exclusive member of the NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND program you'll get one on one direct access to both Jason and Amy starting with a details personal strategy call to formulate you a roadmap and action steps to get you up and running fast. Every NEXT LEVEL member's plan will be different and yours will be designed to stretch you to achieve maximum results over the next year and set you up for the future. 

3 x 2-Day Live Next level


You will participate in 3x 2-Day live NEXT LEVEL MASTERMINDS where you will meet, share ideas and learn from the movers and shakers in the industry. This will be an unparalleled opportunity to brainstorm and mastermind with other like minded developers from around the country, see what opportunities are happening in other states and potentially get involved in projects around the country.

Next level Mastermind


These are the systems where the rubber meets the road. We will be training you in the exact processes we use to manage our projects. From acquisition, to planning, to council submissions, the permit approval stage, engineering, building tenders, managing the build process, to selling and marketing. Every step has a process and when you are doing multiple projects at once you need a tightly controlled project management process to keep all those balls in the air

Next level Mastermind


Every call, mastermind meeting & live event will be recorded and put into a secure NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND membership area. You will also have access ere to the additional content, planning spreadsheets, resources and tools specially curated for NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND members.

Monthly Live Mastermind


Once a month you'll get your chance to solve any probems you might be having, get clarity on any questions you have relevant to your current projects and learn from other people's situations. Participation in each of these calls will greatly accelerate your learning and mastery of NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND developments.

Next Level Mastermind


Ask your questions, add photos of your projects, share new ideas, materials, concepts, and professinal contacts, as well as get instant feedback on any subject from like-minded and supportive tribe of fellow developers. this is YOUR inner circle and the single best place to share your learnings, growth, challenges and success.

Project Review and


There is an art to presenting deals to prospective JV partners. The branding, the styling and the all important information memorandum (IM) needs be done very specifically to attract all the right partners. We'll be opening our portfolio fro you to learn and model our system for attracting JV partners, so you too can start attracting money partners easily and effortlessly.

Next Level Mastermind


Creating wholesale real estate and holding is the ultimate game that we're playing, however to grow your wealth we understand that you have to get good at selling your stock. So on that basis you'll not only have our A-Z blueprint on "Selling Fast For Maximum Profit", You'll also have the exact process we use to prepare marketing, create our sales collateral, engage sales agents, social media, website design and our complete "Go To Market" strategies.

Next Level Mastermind


We will invest on your behalf with a hand picked brand specialist (whose work we approve). We will work with you and your brand specialist to rebrand yourself so you look like a million dollar developer. This will help you attract clients, JV partners and deals. As part of this process you will be given a style guide, logo, A4 flyers and a professional website, live on the web and ready to go.

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Our goal and your target in this program is for you to have a functional, streamlined, professional and systemised property development business with runs on the board within the next 12 months. 

With that in mind we’d like to invite you on a big, exciting and wildly lucrative journey. 

NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND membership is a “by application only” program that requires a particular mindset, and a clear understanding of where the value is in a program of this nature. 

By joining this program, PDS is not guaranteeing you any level of success as a property investor and developer. Instead you are buying access to the PDS team, tools, resources and systems. We and the team will give you coaching and training based on our own experience. That coaching may be challenging and at times painful, but please realise that we are committed to getting the maximum from you. 

If you commit to doing whatever it takes, dive in, take action, listen to our coaching and experience and work with us, we will support you with the training and coaching you need to push you to success.

To apply for the Mastermind you will need to pay a (fully refundable) $100 deposit (so we know you're serious). Once you've done that you will get taken to a calendar where you can:

1. Choose a time that works for you for us to call you for an interview

2. Answer a questionnaire that will give us a solid picture of where you are right now and where you are wanting to go with the NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND