What if you could make a consistent monthly income from real estate… Without getting a bank loan and without a deposit?

That’s what you’re going to discover how to do at this fast-paced Masterclass about how to make 2 x more cashflow from Airbnb.

Queensland mum Nicole went from $0 to around $9,040 per month largely passive income from Airbnb in just 90 days using this system…

Airbnb air cashflow formula

And, now she wants to show you the secrets too. Because with over 150 million Airbnb users around the world – and growing fast - there’s a world of opportunity for you too.

Hot Deals Making Her Monthly Cashflow Now

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $3,348 for 1 month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $5,329 for 1 month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $3,395 for 1 month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $1,923 for 1 month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $797 for 1 month

Airbnb air cashflow formula

Profit $2,088 for 1 month


*These are actual profits made on Airbnb properties in a single month by Aaron and Nicole. Profits vary from month to month - they are sometimes more than this, sometimes less. Not all hosts will make this level of profit in a single month, as this requires the right property and training in successful Airbnb hosting.

In just 2 hours you’ll discover:

  • How to find the right sort of properties to rent on Airbnb. Simple checklist makes it easy to find the winners. NOTE: You may already have rental properties you can put onto Airbnb now and get triple the rent!

  • How to get landlords to say ‘YES’ to you putting their property on Airbnb for you to make money. This is what Nicole says to get 8 out of 10 to agree.

  • The suburbs to target for best rental cashflow and occupancy rates. Exact hotspot postcodes revealed.

  • Hot tips for 80%+ occupancy rates… So you can maximise your cashflow each and every month.

  • How to automate your Airbnb business so you can manage it in in as little as 90 minutes per day. ‘This truly is the ideal lifestyle business’ says Nicole.

  • The paperwork you need to have in place to do this strategy. They’ve done the grunt work so you don’t have to.

So, if you would love to make an extra $2,000+ per month - or even per week - with this proven strategy grab your free ticket now.

About Nicole – The Founder of the ‘Air Cashflow’ System

Nicole is happily married with 2 adorable boys living in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

She's long had an interest in property investing.

But she realised she could make a higher cashflow returns faster, through the ‘Air Cashflow Strategy’.

In fact, she went from $0 income from Airbnb to an average of around $9,040 per month in 90 days.

And now she is moving fast to add up to 2 more listings per month so she can accelerate her cashflow even more.

And, the good news is, you can come on the journey with her and potentially boost your income too.

That’s because with over 150 million Airbnb users across the world… there’s plenty of visitors for everyone to serve and profit from.