Watch this short presentation and discover how you could slash up to 20 years off your retirement plans by dramatically accelerating your income and cashflow.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • Invest like the wealthy – borrow money against your house at 3.2% and get returns of 12%, 13%, 14% and more. This is what the rich do, and why they’re galloping ahead like Phar Lap while you’re stuck in the gate – riding a donkey
  • Where you can find mouth-watering cashflow of 12% to 15% and sometimes higher for under $100,000. You won’t stop at just one. And at this price you won’t be able to help adding more and more to your expanding portfolio
  • How to fully pay for 2 cashflow positive properties – for the price of a deposit and stamp duty on a Sydney house. I bet your friends will be saying ‘WTF’ when they’re saving for a deposit … and you bought two houses outright for the same money
  • Negatively geared? This could eliminate your monthly losses so you’re not out of pocket any longer. Once you know how to do this you’ll never get conned into investing in negatively property ever again. I hate saying it like this, but it for your own good that you know the truth
  • A new type of tenant who will pay more rent, look after your house better and are far less likely to ever leave. Hard to believe? Wait until you see who they are
  • Got underperforming superannuation money? You could super-charge your super returns this way. Don’t put up with the industry average which is a dismal 6.3%. It’s time your nest-egg went soaring upwards

About Spiro Kladis

Spiro Kladis was a typical struggling property investor.

He had a handful of negatively geared properties and he was going nowhere.

A few interest rates rises, some unexpected maintenance, a couple of vacant houses and suddenly he had almost nothing left over.

No money left over and young family? It was a recipe for financial disaster.

That’s when he chose a smarter way to invest.

He discovered a way which put hundreds of dollars into his pocket each month. And now, instead of investing to make money in the future, he was making money from the very start.

Today Spiro helps a strictly limited number of clients each month set up property deals so they bringing in huge cashflows from their investments from the beginning.