If you’re struggling to find genuine cashflow investments (ones which actually put enough money in your pocket for you to make a day-to-day difference) then this online masterclass is for you.

Most Australians investors struggle to find returns of even 5%.

Take out interest, rates and all the other expenses and you’ll be lucky if you break even. Odds are you’ll still be behind each month.

What you need is a new plan.

And based on your circumstances this could be the year everything changes.

On this free online masterclass you’ll discover how you could potentially retire with less than half the assets financial planners say you need.

You might even be able to retire within 12 -24 months.

When you’re after a faster way to retire, or you simply want more money in your pocket each month then register now.

  • Invest like the wealthy –borrow money against your house at 5% and get returns of 12% and more
  • Where you can find stable returns of 14.7% … 16.5% … even 18.9% for under $100,000.
  • How to fully pay for 2 cashflow positive properties – for the price of a deposit and stamp duty on a Sydney house
  • Negatively geared? This could eliminate your monthly losses so you’re not out of pocket any longer
  • A new type of tenant who will pay more rent, look after your house better and are far less likely to ever leave. Hard to believe? Wait until you see who they are
  • Got underperforming superannuation money? You could super-charge your super returns this way

Please note: There is nothing for sale on this masterclass.

My goal is to show you a potentially better way to create income you can retire on, or simply enough extra income to make your life easier.

You could take this information and implement it yourself if you choose. Or if you like, we can help a limited number of people turn this plan into reality.

About Spiro Kladis

Hi, my name is Spiro Kladis and back in 2001 I was a typical struggling property investor

I had a handful of negatively geared properties and I was going nowhere.

The banks stopped lending me money, I couldn’t grow my portfolio and after I paid for my properties each month I had almost nothing left over.

It was a tough time for me and my young family.

That’s when I decided I needed a smarter way to invest.

I discovered a way which put hundreds of dollars into my pocket each month. And now, instead of hoping I might make money in the future, I was making money straight away.

In this webinar you’re going to discover a newer, smarter way to invest.