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"My Friends Laughed at Me When I Told Them I Was Going To Leave My Job and Generate My Income From The Stock Market! But When I Bought My Second Waterfront Property..."

Income and cashflow has never been more important than it is right now.

With the World Economy and markets in total turmoil. Incomes and livelihood in crisis mode. Now is the right time and opportunity to discover how to generate a new income stream.

A new income that you and family can possibly rely upon that banks and stock brokers implement for their own benefit, has limited risk, and the best part… it only takes about 60 minutes to implement per month!

If that sounds like a great idea…

I want to personally invite you a LIVE Online Workshop with me called, The 60 Minute Investor: How To Go From Crisis To Cashflow In A World Gone Mad!

Here’s a small snapshot of what you’ll discover at The 60 Minute Investor LIVE Virtual Conference.

  • The little known trading strategy ordinary Australians are using to create an additional income with an average of 60 minutes a month.
  • How to make money on a monthly basis - regardless of which way the market moves.
  • My proven system to identify income-generating stocks AND protect between 90 - 99% of your investment.
  • Avoid the 3 tragic mistakes average traders make when investing in the stock market.
  • Plus tonnes more

The best thing is, you can generate an income into your account from DAY ONE - regardless of how the market performing, whether it’s Up, Down or Sideways! Imagine that!

Saturday Morning

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  • Times: 10:00am Start – 1:00pm (Sydney Time) Finish
  • Venue: ZOOM

who is george fokas Why should you listen to him

Over the last 15 years, George Fokas has travelled around the world, speaking and presenting his 60 minute investor solution. Helping thousands of others achieve what he has achieved. He speaks on high profile platforms along side many of the worlds top Investors and Educators like Mark Bouris, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr John Demartini, Dr Matt James, to name a few.

In addition, he currently works with groups of School children from the ages of 7 up to 17 in and out of school, teaching them how to “Model what I do” so that these school kids have choice. Choice to choose which path they want to take in life after school. To think outside the square irrespective of their family up bringing.

George is a self-confessed Lifestyle Junkie. Loves to own property in exotic locations where he and his family spend 4 months travelling with family and 8 months teaching. George Fokas has touched the lives of over 30,000 people and currently has members in over 12 countries duplicating what he teaches.


Right now, people are in a state of shock. Most have realised how they’re just one pandemic away from being broke. Millions have lost their jobs and the stark reality is starting to set in, that their income is in crisis.

However, the expenses still come rolling in. Sure there’s some short term relief. But that’s going to reset shortly, and then what?

After paying the mortgage, childcare expenses, taxes and rising grocery prices, you have hardly any money left to take a holiday and enjoy life.

Many people worry about funding their retirement, so they try to put a few extra dollars away. That's commendable, but the cost of living will continue outrunning your paycheque. At this rate, you'll never be able to retire.

These are typical financial challenges faced by our members before learning our strategies:

  • Expenses regularly overtake your salary, and you struggle to pay bills.
  • You miss out on family time to work more hours and pay down debts.
  • You put off needed repairs and purchases because there's no money.
  • Money concerns are on your mind quite a bit, far more than they should be.

Most of our members started out this way. There's no shame in struggling, however if you stay in the “broke mode” you’re going to struggle for the rest of your life, then that is your fault!

The 60 Minute Investor: How To Go From Crisis To Cashflow Virtual Conference Could Be The Most Important Three Hours Of Your Life

People with little trading experience usually learn this system quicker than seasoned traders with bad memories of stock market losses.

We'll show you how you could become a profitable investor in just one to three months. Join us at the The 60 Minute Investor LIVE, then take the time to understand and apply the strategy.

Take a look for yourself at the returns some of my members and beginners at that, have been seeing.

PROOF: How The 60 Minute Investor Can Change Your Life!

Saturday Morning

  • Date:
  • Times: 10:00am Start – 1:00pm (Sydney Time) Finish
  • Venue: ZOOM

Here's what you can discover at The 60 Minute Investor LIVE Virtual Conference Masterclass:

  • How to earn an additional income anywhere in the world in an average of just 60 minutes a month.
  • How to keep investments earning income - regardless of which way the market moves.
  • George's tested system to choose the best stocks, protecting up to 99% of your investment.
  • Avoiding three common mistakes average traders make when investing in the stock market.
  • How to squeeze every penny of profit out of your investment and minimise investment risks.
  • Why maintaining your investments yourself is safer than leaving it to a financial “expert”.
  • Why you lost money in the stock market in the past, and how to avoid losses in the future.
  • And much more…

Hey, you'll never get rich keeping your money in a bank account. Banks pay only a couple of stingy percentage points. These small earnings are devalued by inflation.

The solution is quite obvious: you need to become a better investor.


Let’s face it, right now the world has been turned on its head.

No one is sure about what the future might hold from an employment or business perspective.

Income, jobs and salaries are all under threat. And I believe I have a solution that could help open minded individuals who never what to experience this type of pain, fear and uncertainty ever again!

So why not share it with the world?

I lose nothing in doing that. It takes no opportunity away from me. It’s not a zero-sum game!

And there was time when I was broke and struggling.

I searched for a coach, mentor, and teacher to help me find the solution. And fortunately, there was such a person that was willing to teach. Had that person been selfish and kept his secrets to himself, I would not be in the position that I am today. For that I’m totally grateful.

His guidance made all the difference on my path to success, and now I have a strong sense of responsibility to "pay it forward" and help as many people as possible. Just as my mentor helped me.

That's why I now spend 6 months per year travelling the world teaching people my strategies. And the other 6 months travelling around the world with friends and family.

I want to prove to you what's possible when you have a proven strategy and the courage to act on it.

And I’ll reveal it all at The 60 Minute Investor: How To Go From Crisis To Cashflow In The Next 90 Days.

Saturday Morning

  • Date:
  • Times: 10:00am Start – 1:00pm (Sydney Time) Finish
  • Venue: ZOOM