According to a recent report by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos over 140,000 people, from all walks of life, are making over $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon.

This amazing success rate is possible because Amazon make it so easy for you.

Firstly… they let you sell your product to their 100s of millions of loyal buyers in Australia and around the world.

Secondly… they also store, pack and ship your products to your customers for you.

This means you can run your Amazon business in as little as 30 minutes per-day, once it’s up and going. How great is that?

Amazon ‘Blue-Sky’ Mia Munro

Amazon ‘Blue-Sky’ Mia Munro

Event lead by Mia Munro
Australian Amazon business expert

Now, maybe you’d like to earn some extra income on Amazon… or even build an e-Commerce empire… But you have no idea of what product you would sell? If so, good news.

At this free seminar… you’ll discover Amazon ‘Super Seller” Sophie Howard’s system for finding the hottest products to sell… on the world’s largest e-Commerce platform.

Your event will be hosted by one of Sophie’s lead trainer in Australia, Amazon Business Expert Mia Munro.

That’s Why If Ever Wanted To Start Your Own E-Commerce Business…There’s Never Been a Better Time Than Now.

Even if you haven’t run a business before – and don’t have ‘big money’ to get started.

About Your Presenter – Mia Munro

Mia Munro is an entrepreneur with a track record of success, including building a million dollar business in the training and development niche.

A keen student of Sophie Howards, she is passionate about Amazon and has helped nearly 100 people start their journey on building an Amazon business in the past 6 months.

She is known for developing a personality profiling student that 1,000’s of people have used to understand themselves, and know their best path to wealth and success.

She looks forward to helping you understand the Amazon opportunity - and if it's a fit, helping you take your first step in starting an Amazon business.

Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

In This Free Event Amazon Expert Mia Munro will show you:

  • 1

    How to find ‘Blue-Sky’ Products. These are hot selling products with high profit margins and very little competition.

  • 2

    How to find trusted suppliers in China or India .. and source your products cheaply. Plus the common mistakes to avoid.

  • 3

    You’ll also get a ‘sneak peek’ inside Sophie's business! See exactly how she sells up to $21,000 of products per week – without working herself to the bone. So, she has plenty of time to enjoy quality time with her young family.

  • 4

    How to potentially turn an Amazon business into a big ‘pay-day’. For example, she recently sold one of her amazon accounts for 7 figures (USD) to a private investor. The best part? This account took her just 18 months to build.

  • 5

    What sort of income you could potentially make – and how much time you need to put in each week to be successful.

The “River of Wealth” Created by Amazon

Here’s some pics of Sophie's Amazon Accounts to show you how fast you potentially “scale up” on Amazon, when you know how.

Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

Her 1st Sale - 4pm on May 25th, 2014. Wow, was Sophie excited. She realised at that moment ‘I can do this – this is really real’.

Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

17 Months Later - $1.6 Million in Sales

Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

Around 2 years later – Another $2.3 Million+ in sales

As you can see, because of the immense global reach of Amazon it’s possible to grow your sales fast.

And remember, she didn’t store, package or ship any of these items - it was all done by Amazon.

“There is a river of wealth flowing past – so let us show you how to dip your bucket in to get your share.”


Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

Is Australia entering an “Amazon Boom”?

We are about to enter an “Amazon Boom” with predictions of up to $3 billion in sales on in the next 3 years alone!

That’s 3,000 x $1 million in sales.

And this is not just some ‘hyped up’ figure…when you consider how Amazon is already dominating e-commerce in America…accounting for up to 43% of all online sales. And, now they are coming to Australia in a big way…which could spell a rich potential opportunity for you, if you act now.

That’s Why If Ever You Wanted To Start Your Own E-Commerce Business…There’s Never Been a Better Time Than Now.

Even if you haven’t run a business before – and don’t have ‘big money’ to get started.

“The Cashflow Masterclass”

As well as learning how to get started on Amazon, you’ll also benefit from an exclusive Cashflow Masterclass.

You’ll see how to potentially generate a side income stream… without getting a second job - or taking time away from your family.

This strategy could be perfect for people that are ‘time poor’ - but would like to boost their retirement income… or lifestyle income…. Or pay off their mortgage faster.

In your Cashflow Masterclass, you’ll see how it works, and how to minimise any downside risks involved.

Amazon ‘blue-sky’ mia munro

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