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The Little Known Property Super Cycle Could Make You Rich In The Next 24 Months.

First of all, like all things we’re all smarter with hindsight. However, there is a way to predict the property market. History repeats and for those in the know, they can profit wildly from understanding a being across historical property cycles of the past.

By attending Property 2020, you’ll have access to that information and no longer have to invest without certainty or confidence. In fact, what you’ll have is 2020-vision going forward. Hence the name, Property 2020.

Never miss out again on a property cycle and have a road-map of what’s going to happen in the Australian real estate market in the next 5-7 years. You’ll be like the Nostradamus of property predictions to your friends and families… and all of that as a consequence of making the smart decision to attend Property 2020.

​How to Profit From Real Estate Without Ever Owning A Property

Property Control is the new way to profit from property without the need for upfront funds.

Over the last 8 years this event has enabled thousands of our graduates to create long term financial security for themselves and their families. They have been able to pay off their house, get out of debt or take their families on holidays.

Our graduates have come from all walks of life, builders, mums, nurses and retirees. All are everyday Australians, and all wanted to take control, effect change in their lives and benefit from the freedom a little wealth can bring.

This event is for you if you know what you’re doing at the moment isn’t going to get you to your ideal financial situation. Or you’d like to have more free time, more holidays with the family and more balance in your life instead of the daily grind over and over again.

Sophie Howard's "Blue-Sky" Amazon Seller Academy

​Sophie started a small Amazon business as a way to support herself so she didn't have to return back to work after having kids, That business turned into a $1m + in sales business within 2 years. She has since gone on to build many more brands, building a massive portfolio of products that sell on autopilot, and has even sold one of her brands for over $1m to a private investor.

Discover her secret to picking hot selling products with little or no competition, and then how to turn that product into a cash flow machine that generates you income working as little as an hour a day.

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